■ DroidVim (Text Editor)

DroidVim is a Vim for Android.
Vim 8.0 (huge version), grep, diff and ctags are ready to use.


▼ Required - ARM (Android 4.1 and up), x86 (Android 4.3 and up)

■ Note:

How to quit:

":qa", tap "Q" button or "QUIT" on the navigation drawer.

Vim tutorial:

Type ":Vimtutor".

Direct input:

Tap "◇"button to enable/disable word suggestions (or to input Non-Alphanumeric characters).
(See "Input mode at startup" preference)
You can also use one-line text box (double tap near the bottom edge).


Since DroidVim is running on the terminal emulator, you can not use the clipboard option (Basically it is for GVim). However, instead of the clipboard option DroidVim has several clipboard commands.
  • "*p - Paste text From the clipboard to Vim.
  • "*y - Copy text From Vim to the clipboard.
  • gY - Copy text From the unnamed register to the clipboard. (e.g. yygY : Only on DroidVim)

You can also copy/paste text by Android intent.

  • Paste - "Share" text from other apps
  • Copy - "Long press menu (or the menu button on the drawer)" -> "Share"

Open the URL under the cursor.

  • gx - open URL (:h gx)

■ Features:

External storage support

External SD card, USB memory, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, etc.
Tap "STORAGE" button on the navigation drawer. (It requires Android 4.4 and up)

Special Keys

Esc, Ctrl, Tab, Arrow keys and more.


Clipboard commands ("*p "*y) are supported. And gY sends the unnamed register to Android clipboard.

Custom Font

Use your favorite monospaced font.

Touch to move

Touch, swipe, flick to move cursor.

Multi language

Vim with multi byte option, iconv and multi language messages.

■ Extra features (in-app purchase):


git-cui, curl and busybox (Busybox adds many commands that do not exist on Android).

■ Troubleshooting:

  • If Vim freezes, tap "close window" on the menu.
  • If keyboard input does not work properly, change "Preferences"->"Input method".

voice input

if you do voice input via one-line text box, you can easily correct words.

Word correction

Recommended keyboards.

1. Gboard
2. AOSP keyboard and clones
3. Hacker's keyboard

It is possible to disable word suggestions in normal mode and enable word suggestions in insert mode.
"Keyboard input mode"

Because DroidVim needs to implement Vim's normal mode, it is not possible to display text using EditText (A user interface element for entering and modifying text) like a general text editor.
The word correction is assumed to be used on EditText. As a result, word correction may not work well with DroidVim.



With one donation, you can use Git on all your devices, and you do not need a donation for updates.
If there is a problem please try "Uninstall -> Re-install" or "Clear the Play Store cache via Android Settings".


When extra contents (git) is installed on a specific device (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 - upgraded to Android 7.0), some commands (e.g. "ls") may not work.
In such a case, please execute "busybox-setup sysbin".

  1. Check the update (Long press menu -> Extra)
  2. :shell or Ctrl-z
  3. busybox-setup sysbin

■ Tips:

.vim and .vimrc

Create .vim and .vimrc in $HOME. This will work exactly like linux.

However, default home directory can not be accessed by applications that not use Android Storage Access Framework.

And copying .vim to DroidVim's home is a little troublesome as it needs to execute commands from the shell.
The simplest way is to create .vimrc and .vim in the internal storage via the filer application.

After that, execute the following command via Vim to create a symbolic link.
(The internal storage path is accessible with $INTERNAL_STORAGE)

:cd $HOME :!ln -s $INTERNAL_STORAGE/path/to/.vimrc .vimrc :!ln -s $INTERNAL_STORAGE/path/to/.vim .vim

If you want to backup files in DroidVim's home to DropBox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, you can upload directly from each application.

You can also change $HOME to internal storage. However, if you change $HOME, you may not be able to write files that need to change attributes.

For viminfo, add following to your .vimrc.

set viminfo=$APPFILES/home/.viminfo

Default directory

When you start Vim, you may want to always edit the file in a specific directory.

In that case, since you can copy the "Startup directory" of "Preference" to the clipboard, add it to .vimrc as follows.
cd /path/to/directory
Paste from the clipboard can be done via "*p or long press menu.


You can use the VimScript plugin.
:h plugin

you can also use packadd.

:h packages


If you want to edit the file shared by Samba, try using the following application.

Keyboard input mode

You can change the keyboard input mode from Vim script.

:call ATEMod(55)
50 Normal
51 Direct input : password
52 Alphanumeric : URI
53 Direct input : password
(Google Japanese Input)
54 Direct input : Raw
55 Toggle "Normal input"/"Input mode at startup" See Preferences
61 Language switch (Shift+Space)
62 Language switch (Alt+Space)

It is possible to disable word suggestions in normal mode and enable word suggestions in insert mode.
Add follows in your .vimrc.

let g:imctrl_normal = 53 let g:imctrl_insert = 50

Also you can change the keyboard input mode from hardware keyboard. See "IME shortcuts" preference.


Since DroidVim is running on the terminal emulator, root access is possible by installing the su command. In a rooted environment, the vi command should also be available. We recommended using vi with shell or Ctrl+z. You can also use DroidVim's vim binary by running the suvim command.

■ Source code:

DroidVim is an open source project.

■ Contact:

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